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Yeah, I’m with the band…

Let me introduce you to Danny, a James Madison University student. Danny decided to sneak onto the floor for Virginia’s game in the ACC Championship against Duke. So he bought an upper level ticket and dressed like Virginia’s support staff (blue suit, orange tie). You can only imagine his surprise when an usher waved him through.

Danny not only watched the game from the Virginia bench, he even crashed the post-game handshake line and took a picture with the championship trophy before being spotted by a Virginia administrator.

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2014: New Beginnings

I recently read that you should not announce your New Year’s resolutions. While this author’s reasoning made sense and I will probably follow his advice for the most part, I am announcing 1 of my resolutions. One of my goals for 2014 is to blog more this year. 

So let introduce you A Blog of Note, my space on the web where I’ll post and comment on articles I find interesting, funny and infuriating. We’ll take a bright and different view on some of the biggest topics in the news. Hopefully we can think and laugh together.